Monday, June 4, 2012

HD Catchup

Trash Boat will have to be reencoded or something, because of that filesize limit. Once again, got momentarily distracted by E3.

Adventure Time
Hot to the Touch
Web Weirdos
Dream of Love
In Your Footsteps

Regular Show


  1. Hot to the Touch link isnt working.... also do you have Yes Dude Yes in HD? I think its the only one i am missing :(

    1. Had a dupe problem and the linked one got deleted by accident, apparently.
      Also, I'll upload Yes Dude Yes once it's done encoding.

    2. For Trash Boat, it might be easier to just use winrar and make part01 and part02 and upload to mediafire instead of encoding lower to make it under 200mb

  2. yeah. i was just thinking the same thing as Meth. it would save on the rencoding and won't mess with the quality we've come to expect

  3. Is it possible for you to upload Total Drama: Revenge of the Island? It premiered on Cartoon Network yesterday.

  4. You're doing only animated shows that are airing on Cartoon Network?