Saturday, July 14, 2012

AT S2 480p pack: "Holy crap some of these files are getting smaller" Edition

Gonna try those sites later (I want to keep the whole DDL setup for ease of access but yeah). Thanks guys.
Also, I'm just going to keep that backup account secret until the time comes. Hopefully I shouldn't have to use it for a long while. 

NOTE: I already know about that super annoying Ninjago bug. I'll do reuploads to fix that later on.

 *In no particular order

The Eyes
It Came from the Nightosphere

The Limit

Go With Me

Mystery Train

Belly of the Beast

To Cut A Woman's Hair

Slow Love

The Crystals Have Power

Her Parents

Chamber of Frozen Blades

The Pods

The Silent King

Susan Strong


  1. Thank you for doing this.

    Is there any word on the process of HD uploads yet?

  2. Hey man, I just want to say thank you for taking the trouble to do this.
    I don't have cable anymore and love Adventure Time so it's a godsend.