Thursday, September 20, 2012

Week of 9/17/12: HD (and more) Edition

Realized that because of that last minute changeup, I didn't have The Colossus after all. If CN doesn't swap out again, I'll have The Remote and The Colossus ready on the 25th and 30th respectively. So, there's only a fix for The Phone right now.

Speaking of CN being spontaneous, I just found out that Annoying Orange preempted what would've been Ignition Point's rerun spot (so I'm just going "fuck it" and encoding Monday's copy for now). Isn't that just...great.

Adventure Time
Ignition Point

The Amazing World of Gumball
The Phone (frame glitch fix)


  1. Thanks man! I really appreciate your work!
    btw is there any chance to upload S02-Storytelling 720p?

  2. Hello Potent Potables!
    I would like to thank you for all of the Gumball uploads!
    It's been a great fun watching the show and it's my absolute favourite!
    Just want to let you know that the editions of Gumball which is aired in Cartoon Network outside of the US is censored. In fact, it is so heavily censored that it does not even make any sense anymore, so to watch the US versions is really a big privilege and I would like to give all the credit to you!
    Thank you very much for making me and other Gumball fans happy, and take care buddy!

    Bob B - Putrajaya, Malaysia

  3. In ignition point the audio seems odd, left channel is quite a bit louder than right once past intro :S

    1. Yeah, I think something went wrong with the original broadcast of that ep (at least in my area I think). Going to try to see if I can re-record it at some point.

    2. Okay thank you. If you need any assistance with encoding (treating source for any problems and getting the most quality out of small filesize) etc hit me up.

  4. you should set up some type of donation button, i know some people would be more than willing to help you out for your work