Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Week of 8/13/2012: Gumball (and more) Edition

I have been doing quite a bit of cleanup. Also, a bit of an update on the AT downloads and link replacements.

So uh, how's about that Gumball?

-Just a reminder: Mediafire has been acting all kinds of screwy lately (like half-downloads and loading bars that suddenly flow backwards), so if you're having issues then try downloading again later.

-All links on the blog have been replaced, but let me know if there are any file oddities and broken links (blogspot sometimes likes to stealth-insert a "%20" which breaks the link).

-S1 of AT has been reuploaded with in 480p .mp4 files. So, enjoy! S2 will be complete once Video Makers/Heat Signature reair.

Amazing World of Gumball
The Colossus


  1. Will you be doing HD Editions of Gumball?

  2. I second that, would love some 720p Gumball. I don't think they exist online past 116a.