Thursday, October 25, 2012


I feel like being a glutton for punishment, so I'm giving BayFiles another chance. I'm also trying out Rapidshare along with 2shared. There was a fourth option, but required signups for downloads are not a cool thing to do.

I'd like your input on these links though.

Okay, so what you guys will be testing is the HD version of The Lich. If all goes well, I'll be deleting this at a certain time and replacing it with the one without that awkward "coming up next" ad in the top-right corner. Also, I'll be uploading RS as well. Best of all, I won't have to do that pesky archive split, since these three support files bigger than 200MB.

So yeah, let's hope this works! Leave something about the download speed in the comments. Is it adequate? Is it unreasonably slow? Is the downloading interface clunky as all hells? Let me know.

Adventure Time
The Lich


  1. bayfiles is dead simple in terms of ui, download rate is 300-500kb.
    2shared is a bit cluttered looking but the download button is clearly visible, download rate is 700kb-1mb.
    most people here should know what rapidshare looks like, last time i tried downloading from them they had a rate cap of ~300kb and caused stalling but this time was a smooth 1.7mb the whole way.

  2. I recommend trying for < 200 Mb uploads - it's fast, I've never seen it down, and download button is huge. No waiting times or captchas

  3. they work fine.... for now... but i feel it will have the same outcome as mediafire.

    maybe puttin the files in password protected archives? just spitballing..

    1. Yeah. It's a real pain, but it comes with the territory. At least with multiple mirrors there's a hydra effect.

  4. rapidshare is working great. I was reaching a good 2MB/sec download. They used to suck but now the downloading experience from them is awesome.