Friday, October 5, 2012

Week of 10/1/2012: HD edition (and more)

Part 1 for this week's RS ep glitched at the same place as the original copy (how in the fuck). Hopefully the third broadcast won't fuck things up next time. Gah, it's only 8 frames BUT STILL.

The fix for The Remote is up, as well as the ads-free version of this week's AT ep.

Adventure Time
The Hard Easy
480p (ads fix)

Regular Show
Exit 9B
zip 1
zip 2

Part 2


  1. i have Regular Show - Exit 9B without the glitch

  2. If you can, could you upload a 720p of Adventure Time - "I Remember You" on the date it airs? I really look forward to that episode and I don't want to wait for a week just for an HD upload.

    Thanks in advance!