Monday, October 15, 2012

Week of 10/15/2012 (with HD)

Will update this post later today/tomorrow with this week's RS HD download, since Part 1 pulled a Sugar Rush and the bitrate just ballooned in size.

EDIT: RS's HD upload is finally here. Thought I could just encode the new copy (since this week's ep reaired around 6:30 in the morning for some reason), but my transport stream file editor is burping out a brand spanking new error! Yay...

EDIT 2: Reuped. God dammit, what triggers this glitch?!

Adventure Time
I Remember You

Regular Show
Terror Tales of the Park II
Part 1
Part 2
Part1: Zip1, Zip2, Zip3
Part 2


  1. higher bitrate isnt a bad thing.

    Id expect Part 1 to be close to 265mb and part 2 125mb

  2. Thanks for your effort, but could you do me a favour and record AT - Storrytelling?
    The one I use is glitched. Also what about Season 2-3? I'd love to have a full Episodes from one person, not mixed shit.

    You rock

  3. Thanks again for this week's episodes! Don't know if its just my computer but Terror Tales of the Park II 720p part 2 has no sound.

  4. Im not getting sound from either part 1 or 2 actually

  5. No sound for me on either HD part :-(

  6. Part 2 of the 720p version is dead, unfortunately :( Would you be so kind as to re-upload it?

    1. I think you might've caught me in the middle of editing that link, but it should be working now.

    2. Why, it seems that I really did. It's working perfectly now; thanks!

  7. There's a file naming error on Terror Tales HD parts. That causes the 7-zip extraction to fail.
    TerrorTalesOfTheParkIIHidef(Part 1).zip.001
    TerrorTalesOfTheParkIIHidef(Part 1).zip.002
    TerrorTalesOfTheParkII(Part 1) << THIS ONE

    Rename the 3rd one to TerrorTalesOfTheParkIIHidef(Part 1).zip.003 and it will extract correctly :-)

    ...And sound does work

  8. The other suggestion - add a link in "Important Links" at top right, giving instructions on what to do with the 001, 002, etc.

    It took me ages to trawl back through the blogs to find the one where you first had the >200MB problem, and mentioned 7-zip.

  9. Can't download the zips for part 1 of regular show in 720p :/

  10. Links for the 720p (part 1) are all dead :'(